life support

About Us

We are a family owned business on Vancouver Island.  

The owners Greg and Tracy Greenshields, have a passion for helping folks keep their independence. We listen carefully and assess your needs. We develop a relationship with every customer that comes into the store. We care about you and strive to make sure the medical equipment is well suited to your needs. 

We are the largest medical equipment store in Oceanside. If you need our help, please call and we would be happy to make your acquaintance.

We strive to make your lives easier with our products and solutions. Our goal is to help you stay in your home independently.


Trust in us

Keeping your independence means staying mobile. When mobility is restricted by weakness in your legs or back,  getting around your home can be easier said then done. The same goes for moving around outside. One has to watch out for icy driveways, uneven sidewalks, as well as rude and inconsiderate car drivers . There also seems to always be a lack of things to grab onto when you need to stop and catch your breath.


At Life Support Assisted Living Systems, we understand all of these challenges.  Our caring staff of professionals has the experience to come up with solutions that will reduce your risk of injury . It could be a cane or a walker that will help you keep moving. It may be a stair-lift that will help you get to that second floor bedroom.  Many of our clients had not taken a bath in months or years because of the fear of falling. A shower was the only alternative.  A bath lift can be the perfect solution.


If getting out of your living room chair has become a challenge, we have a wide selection of lift chairs. These chairs are designed to give you that “little extra” to get you up and moving again.


We are also the experts when it comes to Grab bars, railings, ramps and floor to ceiling poles. Our technicians have the knowledge to recommend the positions for these products and our installers have more than 30 years of construction experience.


You could be looking for a scooter or a powerchair to get around.  Many of our clients have or are about to lose their driving license.  It doesn’t mean one has to lose their independence. We have a large stock of new and used scooters and powerchairs. We will professionally fit you for the perfect scooter or powerchair that will suit your needs.  Many of our clients can now pick up their groceries or enjoy the beach and boardwalk again.


At Life Support Assisted Living Systems we are here to give our professional advice. We strive to make your lives easier with our products and solutions. Our goal is to help you stay in your home independently.