New Nanaimo Location

In the Nanaimo North Town Center Mall 4750 RUTHERFORD RD,  

TEL: 250-585-3035    FAX: 250-585-3054
(Perfect place to demo your new scooter)


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Our Featured Stairlift - Acorn Superglide installed for $2995.00 (stairlifts are PST & GST exempt)

Our signature stairlift is the Acorn Superglide, the world's best selling stairlift.  This battery operated stairlift won't leave you stranded if your house power is lost.  It has all the standard features of higher priced stairlifts including rack and pinion drive, padded seat and backrest, wireless remote controls and controls on both armrests.  The seat swivels away from the stairs at the top landing allowing for safe dismount.  Safety features include an overspeed brake, a seat belt, obstruction sensors on the footrest and carriage.  Other features include digital diagnostic display and key lock out control. It folds up to within 13 inches from the wall when not in use and has a weight capacity of 280 lbs. Options include a folding rail at the bottom of the stairs and a rail extension for longer stairs.  Both a heavy duty model and an outside model are available. Call us for a FREE at-home assessment.


                       Seat Belt                                                     Obstruction Sensors                                         Swivel Seat

 Need help? Call us, because . . . we all need Life Support

Oceanside 250-954-0309 or out of town 1-800-224-8662

New Nanaimo Location - Nanaimo North Town Center

TEL: 250-585-3035    FAX: 250-585-3054


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